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Writing Into The Ether

While the internet has given us more info than we can ever actually absorb or store in our own brain, replaced encyclopedias, dictionaries, even newspapers it has fundamentally changed our culture and world enough to be more than just the Information Age or the Age of Technology.

It is the era of The Great Vanishing. Aside from some nano data holder in the ether, our lives, reflections, letters to one another, notes tucked away in a drawer to be found 50 years forward by grandchildren or family are all but gone.

When was the last time you actually sat down, took pen to paper, and wrote a letter? When was the last time you sent a stamped envelope to someone you care for or want to remain connected to?

I am currently deciding to sit down and write by my very poor handwriting, a letter to each of my current farm customers. However, I want it to be more than this one time.

I may try this winter to sit and write a small note bi-monthly about my observations on the farm, of the world as I experience it, and snippets of thoughts.

Stay tuned this may be interesting.

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