All the Information at Your Disposal

Common Queries

Is your product Organic

Here at Girlfarm we are dedicated to organics, however we do not certify. Our reason is complicated. While we believe in certification generally - we also believe and live the truth that 'organic' is not a word that should mean  more costly, or a way to market or control a market. Organic in its truest form should be a paradigm shift in how we farm and steward the land, water, and the animals in our care. We find transparency or the "Know your farmer, know your food model" far more effected in creating lasting change.  We fully support those farmers that are willing to traverse the work of maintaining and keeping records for their certification but at this point we prefer building lasting relationships with our customers and families.

Do you offer delivery services?

We no longer offer delivery services - but will make special arrangements with  independent drivers and set up special farm pick ups

What differentiates you from other markets?

We are seasonal and do not pretend to fill our shop with products that do not grow in our food shed. If its citrus we offer it is because we know a small farmer in the region who grows their own - our bread is from a local bakery that uses organic flour, and our meats and produce well we grow those things here on farm.

Why pay 65.00 to access your program?

Unlike traditional CSAs we have found that some customers get 'basket fatigue'. Either they receive items they do not like or do not know how to use, or they want more or less of certain things. However, the CSA model of paying up front or each week, is very good for the small farm business relationship with their customers. It provides seed money, and takes care of incidentals that create cash flow so the farm can function without the high cost of credit. It also creates a working relationship between the farm and the eater. For us we also use that model however, we have found if we charge a nominal one- time fee of 65.00 and a renewal of 35.00 for returning customers everybody wins. You, the EATER get to choose what you want and pay a fair price and KNOW what you are getting from your farm each week, and we, THE FARM are able to maintain good practices and cash flow to stay in business doing what we do best, feeding people