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Something New for 2023

Girlfarm is excited to partner with a local Doc who wants to encourage his patients to eat well and enjoy the ease of picking up their farm fresh food at his practice. Currently, we have one doctor participating, who knows maybe we can start a new way to healthy food, healthy body, healthy life!

If you are a patient of Doctor Brandon's please be sure to ask for the the special discount coupon to enter before you check out. It is offered on only our most popular box designed for a real 'taste of the farm'.


He will have that code that you must use before you check out!

As you join we will open a live member forum especially for those of you who are part of the the specially grown 'Doc'  Fresh Farm Food Boxes.

What is Functional Nutrition?

Girlfarm are not dieticians nor nutritionists, we are farmers. However, it is reasonable to consider that the study of food and its relationship to positive health outcomes would be a natural partnership between medicine and farmers.


Girlfarm would never presume to suggest that regenerative growing practices are better than or more nutritious than conventional industrial agriculture but it is accurate to say, soil microbial life and uncontaminated water benefit from practices that steward the entire eco sytem rather than just the plants for highest yields.

Science is beginning to understand the complexity of hormone disruption, cancers, and other immune issues that may be in part caused by agricultural inputs and practices. The study of functional nutrition speaks to farmers in terms of cell health in animals and plants just like the human body.

Yellow Flowers

In the study of functional nutrition, Food nourishes the health of the many different types of cells that make you who you are. Functional nutrition, as a foundation of functional medicine, is a type of dietetics that is concerned with optimal physiological functioning of your cells. When your cells are nourished with the right foods, the root causes of your symptoms are addressed.

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