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About Us

Here to Enhance Your Eating Experience

At The Farmers Table at Girlfarm, our mission is We Feed People and to do this we have created an enjoyable shopping experience that customers of all food interests can enjoy. Since 2005, we’ve provided local, healthy, heirloom produce, herbs, fruits, and heritage USDA meats to our community with quality products at very fair cost to the consumer and a fair return to the farmers. We have something to suit everyone’s taste! Our Farmers Table Market is home to a number of local professionals who go above and beyond to give back to the community through the products they offer, from Lean Irish Dexter Beef, to Girlfarm Berkshire pork. You can have delicious fresh harvested Mountain Mushrooms, or choose a pasta made with organic flour. We have a few options for those that want to budget and for those that just desire choice.

Cherry Tomatoes at the Farmers Market
Examining Crops
Fruit Market
Fresh Vegetable in Basket
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Building Community Through Food


Farmers Dinners

Simple Retreats

Eco-Farm Stay tiny houses and Camp sites

If you are seeking a place to unburden your busy life with little to distract you but walks on the farm, hikes in the nearby national forest, a place to see beaver ponds, take a day trip to look for crystals, or just hang out and enjoy life on a working farm.
All members get ONE NIGHT FREE currently this is our Camp Ground Experiences only. (limited membership)


Get Your Hands Dirty™

Online or On Farm Classes and Volunteer Days

We put together 52 weeks of learning skills, on farm or online classes, and creating and environment of personal experience.


Real Farmers Real Food

Savory Fresh Delicious

If you have found us then you know, food is not "just" food. The nuance of how soil is cared for, how seed is selected, what animal breeds are chosen. If these details matter to you then you have found your community. From Pastured 100% Berkshire pork to Italian heirloom vegetables, our grass-fed beef, pastured poultry, and seasonal produce are about flavor and dedication to what is not common in the market.

Grilled Steak and Green Beans

We partner with amazing Chefs

Eat and Learn from Culinary Masters

Not just any recipe will do for our food community. We celebrate food with Chefs who make cooking and eating a joy. Each Farmbox will have a recipe for at least one item in your box.

chef Daley.jpg

We offer pick up at the Farm gate for 2023

Place your order, pay for it on line or email for a VENMO link. We will pick and pack and place your order in our special Farmbox green coolers. Please return your coolers- or better yet, remove your items and leave your cooler in the same box of your pick up.

Examining Crops
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