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 Honoring Local Food


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We are aware that  To Know Where Your Food Comes From requires commitment and time.


Time is something we recognize is in short supply so we have created a method of trust and simple access to farm fresh goods -from heirloom roasting chickens, grass-fed beef, and all of our heirloom seasonal veggies and herbs as well as honey, pasta, and other farm products. Its like an Amazon locker -only local farm fresh goods and a drive to clear your mind and enjoy the beauty a short drive from Reno/Sparks/or Carson City

We put you in charge of your time by allowing you to access your on farm store trailer from 7:30am to 7:00pm Wednesday - Sunday

The farmer can do morning inventory, pick fresh, and stock while continuing to focus on farming activities and you can enjoy your farm and its fresh goods on your timeframe. 

This sounds great but... what is the "catch"?

We have a couple rules.

This is a working farm so pets are not allowed to walk, take a pee break, or run around on the farm  during your visit unless:


2.YOU HAVE PROVIDED  A COPY of their VACCINES BEFORE and the Farm has agreed to allow your pet 

3. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW MALE DOGS to pee on anything around the barnyard, gardens, high tunnels, orchard, or anywhere aside from the designated walk.

4. If they bark or are otherwise not socialized please do not bring them.

5. This is a pilot program for 2020 and may be revoked at any time


7. Do NOT let your dog interact with any of the animals EVER

be prepared and let's see if we can make this a good experience.


Yes, it is a tough policy but keeping our farm animals free from a range of domestic disease without antibiotics and other less organic treatments means being super vigilant about outside pets. 


If you keep your pet in your car, please be aware we have a  farm dog that will bark and possibly engage as your beloved pets are considered strangers.

8. When you visit the farm stay within the mapped areas if you do not have a tour booked - there are nice trails marked on the map that you can take a walk, have a picnic, bird watch, or just sit and be still. This is included with farm membership.

9. Pick up your trash that might spill from your car from wind, etc., or bring with you.

10. Yes, you can bring food for the pigs - just keep your hands free from their mouths because they do not know the difference between a treat and your fingers!

11. Do not go into any pen with any of the animals. You may interact from outside but animals are like the ocean - you must never turn your back on them, observe them respectfully, no animal cares for loud yelling or running or throwing things at them please do not engage in this manner.

12. Bring your own bags, boxes, etc to take your produce, and other goods - we do have for 25.00 a Farm Box  lime green cooler bag that you can use cold packs in to keep things fresh and frozen. They can be purchased (no discount on this item)  PURCHASE HERE 

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