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Catching Bees

All good planning dissolves on a farm. While I can begin my week, my day with a list I am often admonished or asked why I have incomplete tasks or as the saying goes, "the best laid plans" appear to vanish upon an actual farm day. This Sunday was such a day. Plans to finish digging a trench, updating the website for the new Music Camping Event, completing a sprinkler manifold all end in naught. There was a wild bee swarm. you guessed it! It was time to don the beesuit, gear up the ladders, the attractant, the swarm boxes, and the courage! My partner always safety aware ensured all the potential bee sting materials were in place from an epi-pen to allergy pills and all things safety. My sister, with strength, stamina, and calm managed the ladder, the forgotten smoker, and the canvas tarp ( I really wish her bee suit would have been around!). Our friend from Las Vegas was in charge of the video and general laughter at the surrounding controlled chaos.

Yes, I managed to catch to wild swarms and while nothing else was checked off the was incredible.

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