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 Honoring Local Food

Our Resident Chef, Chase Daley and our relationships with Chefs and food professionals that are dedicated to excellence, local, and seasonal food is part of our ongoing Mission. 

We Feed People.

The Farmers Table at Girlfarm, is our next community building effort to make more room and build a literal and figurative Table where there is room for all. 

We are fortunate to have these individuals that share their love of food, sublime ingredients, and  zest for supporting local food.   

You will find their bountiful talents in the recipes included in your orders, classes, and leading our Farm to Table Dinners here at the Farm.

Chef Chase.jpg

Chef Chase

Chef Chase is a Southern boy who not only cooked with the esteemed Mark Estee who is a dynamo of local food himself, Chef Chase is a musician, a hand confectioner, but a fellow that makes seasonal real food accessible and delightful.

He will be creating mouth watering meals through out the season as we kick off our Farmers Table eating experience on farm.

Chef Chase Daley's interest for the culinary arts began at a young age growing up in Ohio. His curiosity for other cuisine led him to exploring food and wine in several countries around the world, studying in Italian restaurants throughout Viterbo, Palermo, and Lucca. From coast to coast and abroad, Chase has widened his skills on sourcing local ingredients to better represent a regional focus. Chef Daley was apart of opening Reno's own, Campo, and Sacramento’s OBO’, focusing on Italian fare and wine pairings. While also a Sommelier, Chase brings a creative and innate understanding of the balance between food and wine that can be seen in his rustic Italian influence. When he's not cooking, you can find Chase with a negroni in hand, designing for breweries and wineries or playing his beloved Guild-D55 at your local dive. 

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