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Work Trade

Raised Veggie Garden Beds

This is a hour a week project

Dedicate an hour each week equal to 15.00 in veggie credit there will be a weekly checklist you may choose a task for your hour.


High Tunnels

This is a one time all day until complete project and trade will be 25.00 hr per person - this is an early am project and requires some innovation and willingness to work with a team. We will be skinning one tunnel with plastic and putting shade cloth over the other two. Ideally, we need a team of six or eight.



Our Orchard suffered some setbacks with the drought and we will be doing grafting, new tree plantings, organic spray, under story planting and management. You will be learning how to build a gravity irrigation system with a crash course in wind and solar to run the water pump.

This is weekly work of a min of 2 hours a week but can be 6 hours weekly for an exchange rate of 15.00 hour

Pear Tree

Pollinator Garden

The farm has long made a practice of 'planting for pollinators' and we keep bees. However, we are designing an intentional walking garden for reflection and our bees, bugs, and butterflies, as well as all our songbirds that are now having difficulty with climate disruption. This is an on- going project with many aspects from laying the groundwork, to planting the actual plants. You may be part of learning to frame a moon gate or adding a recirculating water feature. Because of the many hours involved and many hands needed we will offer an exchange rate of 12.00 per hour.

Green Garden

Volunteer without exchange

The farm is a living breathing organism and the more hands that touch its soil, stand in its light, and spend time caring for it and the life it encompasses the more it is able to transform. We understand time is precious - but for many having a place to spend time doing something that engages the mind, body, and spirit is payment enough - if this is you there is something to be done every single day on the farm from the gardens to the animals, from the pathways to the campgrounds.

We know we are only stewards of this beautiful place so here is your volunteer link.


Tiny Houses

Four - eight  hour time slot credit of 25.00hr in the farm store. Veggies, meats, herbs.

Wooden Home Framing

Barn Clean Up

This project requires a three - four hour block of time in which there is 15.00 per hour exchange rate

You will be assigned a section and it will need to be completed within reasonable time allotted.

Woman with Crate of Vegetables
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