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What Did You Do Today?

Pip asks, “What did YOU do today?” Well,I cleaned out about 12 yards of beaver debris stuffed into five 3’x20’ concrete culverts and on the last scoop caught the boom arm hydraulic hose and clipped a slit into it.

Made a list of supplies to fix the toe of the dam valve that corroded away since the tractor was down and nasty little wasp fell from the cotton wood in the cool of the morning of which I tried brush off instead it fell into the back of my tshirt. I tore off my t shirt and the bugger manage to cling to me and sting the crud out of me in the middle of the back of my neck!

After that frenetic episode I hopped into the Subaru and about three miles onto 395 the low tire light pops on. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I pull over do not see anything apparent, stop at the next filling station to check pressure.

Next stop, unplanned, Les Swaub on Oddie. However, always a pleasure they are the BEST team and take care of us both our car, truck, and all the farm tires and with a farm there are MANY farm tires!

I make it to my destination and get all the parts to fix all the things but the hydraulic hose. Whomever is in charge of engineering tractors are NOT the same people who@must actually use them and work on them!

After pinching the heck out of my finger while fixing the new shut off valve for the irrigation and bleeding all over everything I take a moment to consider all the things. While not easy the results are satisfaction and accomplishment.

Tomorrow is another day. Which brings me to your question Pip.

I am blessed in so many ways with friends and people I know in our community. I stop in to chat with my good friend Peter and regale him with my no good very bad I think I’m going to eat worms kinda day and that I STILL have to figure out how to get that damn hydraulic hose off my backhoe boom and take it in to have a new one made.

Turns out Peter employs a master mechanic, John. Smart, kind, detailed, and available to help out.

John follows me back to the farm and we (he) I mostly watch and hand him things, carefully remove the hose - took about an hour or more. Off I go back to town. The hydraulic hose guys are awesome and I’m back in the car in 20 min with new hose. John meets me back at the farm and together we put the hose and all the pieces and parts we had to disassemble back in the order they came off.

Oh the adventures of #farmlife #neveradullmoment and THAT is what we did today Pip!

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