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Savoring The Day

When living in the West, one has come to understanding climate disruption intimately. Each summer heats up earlier, is more intense sooner, and brings the daily fear of desperately needed storms but fearing the lightning that increasingly becomes mega wildfires.

While we do not live daily with the sounds of gunfire and bombing, rampant disease or starvation we are part of a global community that must act locally to consider our part.

For myself upon reaching the speed limit in age, planting trees and creating an 'oasis' in the high desert is not only important short term for wildlife but in helping a small patch of earth I steward while on this planet long term cover the soil and creating a cooling effect.

I see the future in more backyard 'mini farms'front yard community gardens, and micro reforestation projects.

Landscape and public art go hand in hand to give us hope for the future. While many grouse about all the reasons why tax money can be spent elsewhere the idea of community life is creating space where regular practices of furthering our intrinsic humanity reflected in these purposeful wild places are just as important as fixing potholes and dealing with the challenges of our house less folks.

When things most frustrating or hopeless or just plain overwhelming a quiet moment spent under the shade of a tree, a hike through a grove of trees, the sounds of a small bit of water in the landscape can reset even the worst of days.

Here's to savoring the day by simply looking for that place to open our hearts and reconnect to the beating pulse of our living Universe.

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