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at girlfarm

We build community through

A Farm to Table customizable delivery program.

Farm Stays in simple eco-tiny houses.

Online or on farm 52 Week learning and skill building for anyone and everyone!

If your table is too small

Build a larger table!

Our farm began as idea in 2005 to provide excellent local produce and meats. We chose heritage animals that were not readily available to local eaters.
In keeping with the notion of preserving not only flavor and health we are dedicated to fresh produce and products that keep the traditions of seed and stewardship practices that are responsible to life on earth. We strive to grow varieties that are bursting with terroir, can be saved, and have flavor and nutrient. We offer other products that follow the same principals.
Belonging to your own Farm offers you a window into knowing where your food comes from, the farmers that care for what you feed your family and enjoins you to a greater community of like-minded individuals where what we have in common is far greater than our differences. Read more about what your membership creates for you and your family.

Farmers Dinners

Farm Stay/Skill Building

While our Mission is
We Feed People, we also have a deeply felt understanding that
food creates relationships that build bridges. We want to invite you into our lives as farmers, as eaters, as community. For those that are not interested in our food programs, you can still join the farm through membership and participate in any of our on farm or online workshops, book a night, weekend, or a week to our simple eco- farm stay tiny houses, or just participate in one of our On Farm dinners or special events.


Simple Retreats

Eco-Farm Stay tiny houses

If you are seeking a place to unburden your busy life with little to distract you but walks on the farm, hikes in the nearby national forest, a place to see beaver ponds, take a day trip to look for crystals, or just hang out and enjoy life on a working farm.
All members get ONE NIGHT FREE (limited membership)


Get Your Hands Dirty™

Online or On Farm Classes

We put together 52 weeks of learning skills, on farm or online classes, and creating and environment of personal experience.

Grilled Steak and Green Beans

Real Farmers Real Food

Savory Fresh Delicious

If you have found us then you know, food is not "just" food. The nuance of how soil is cared for, how seed is selected, what animal breeds are chosen. If these details matter to you then you have found your community. From Pastured 100% Berkshire pork to Italian heirloom vegetables, our grass-fed beef, pastured poultry, and seasonal produce are about flavor and dedication to what is not common in the market.

chef Daley.jpg

We partner with amazing Chefs

Eat and Learn from Culinary Masters

Not just any recipe will do for our food community. We celebrate food with Chefs who make cooking and eating a joy.  Book an on farm sta

Examining Crops


We are happy to come once a week, every two weeks, or if you are in Sacramento with all that beautiful local produce choose to order our USDA meats once a month to stock your home freezer. From Irish Dexter, to Lowline Angus pasture and grassfed at 5400 ft. Pastured Berkshire pigs, and once you are a member, pastured chickens, heritage rabbit, and some other farm delights that come with membership. 2500.00 for the whole 1/4 shares program or 65.00 a year and you choose from a weekly inventory updated paying only delivery costs and what you ordered.

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