Eco-Farm Stay tiny houses

Simple Retreats

If you are seeking a place to unburden your busy life with little to distract you but walks on the farm, hikes in the nearby national forest, a place to see beaver ponds, take a day trip to look for crystals, or just hang out and enjoy life on a working farm.

The Art of Simplicity


Quiet is filled with natural wood, books, artists supplies, a dry kitchen, and cozy loft. Dream the day away sitting on the tiny deck of Quiet or find time to read that book or begin that painting you have always meant to work on.

There is always room for a puzzle, a nap, or a glass of wine.

The Red Chair

Bright colors, a delicious view, set in the middle of one of the farm meadows. Once you park your car and walk to your Eco-house your adventure begins. Birding books, hiking trail maps, and a list of places to walk. Sign up for our GPS cache adventure, entering clues to get to a fun surprise at the end.

Bee Keeper

Our goal with each of our Eco-tiny houses is to encourage you the visitor to partake in our Community of food, farming and stewardship principals.

Water, air, and land stewardship are all part of our farm- stay experiences and perhaps one of the most important is the world of our pollinators. The food we produce, the grasses and trees that feed animals and shade our planet cannot exist with the relationship to millions of tiny creature going about their business. This theme is bases on letting you inside that tiny world.

The Bee Keeper is about experiencing a space that is about the natural world.

We provide information about our pollinators, a walking map of the farm and where you can observe the many natives as well as opportunity to visit our own bee yard. Yes, with bee suits if you want to get close.


Like our sky, this little space offers a view into our wild. You will find art, books, and inspiration to stretch your mind and relax your heart. Bring your yoga mat, or take an easy bike ride around our bike and walking ponds. Bring your camera  and capture a moment of awe or borrow our telescope for viewing unobstructed night skies. 


Keeping it simple has not been easy in a world full to the brim with technology, striving to 'achieve' and seeking newer and heightened experiences. Thoreau has never been more relevant and this get away is designed with these words in mind.

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived."

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