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Doing something Different

Adaptive Nimble Responsive

Small Family Farms are faced with a current of fast moving expectations from the eating public.

While "local food" burst upon the "foodie scene" and created a desire for local fresh food - the   desire to drive to farms each week to pick up food soon became less novel as consumer lives became too busy  


Learning to be nimble and adaptive to the changing expectation has also created an opportunity for something new at GIRLFARM

Instead of a traditional working farm we are expressing our joy of the land by inviting the public to share in what is now called agritourism

We are building tiny homes for farm stays, having music and food events that allow you to enjoy the farm as a special event

We will also have classes, tours, and guided hikes around the farm

We have limited the number of families that we will directly provide food exclusively through our Personal Farmer Program™


Change is part of being sustainable in fact, sustainable should become Adaptive

Let's see together what this next adventure holds


JOIN US as we Build a larger table for all.

KNOW where your food comes from. 


To have it arrive fresh and available at your door. While easy and it comes in a box a w pre made recipes - does not allow moments of driving down a dirt road to experience the changes to your farm, the seasons that bring the bounty to your tables, the opportunity to walk the land that has been stewarded and cared for to being forth the array of heirloom vegetables, herbs, and other farm offerings.


There is something divine in picking a fresh green bean or popping a raw asparagus into your mouth sweet and deeply alive in that instant.


As farmers, we have always believed choosing the food for your table should be as important as choosing where you work out, what place you take your child for care and education, even the time you take for getting the oil changed on your car.


SO we revisit our farming model in a few ways to both encourage you to explore where food comes from and see the farm as a destination.

Girlfarm 2021