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Local Food burst upon the "foodie scene" and created a desire for local fresh food. There was a dedication to drive to farms each week to pick up food and know where the food was grown and know the farmer.

Folks got busy and chose ease from tech companies like Purple Carrot and Farm Fresh to You over local farms. It did not matter if the food was from a farm in Chile or meats from Brazil - inexpensive, fast, and without a lot of involvement took over but for the most dedicated eaters.


Food disruption has brought to the forefront

How vital a strong, local, food shed is for community stability


Buying from local farms is the best way to ensure both the volatility of cost and availability of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats, and eggs  


If it can be grown here rather than  far away issues of shipping, fuel, or supply chain disruption gives you confidence in knowing YOUR FARMER.


Like so many of you who invest in the stock market - investing in your farm is like having money building interest 


We offer a limited the number of families that we will directly provide food exclusively through our Personal Farmer Program™

Where your basic meat proteins, produce, eggs, and honey are provided at a very reasonable cost.


We even offer monthly payments.


For those who are not sure if they want to join the Whole Program


Try out the 6 Month



we are accepting sign ups for 2023 


deliveries begin Spring 2023 limited subscription for new members

Do you KNOW where your food comes from?

Does it come from a re seller disguised as healthy food? Is it from a MLM friend in the neighborhood  reselling from giant produce companies under the guise of "local"?


How long has your food been on a dock  shipped across Country or even imported from somewhere else? Has it been waiting for a truck to deliver it to our region then wait to be unpacked at your local grocery?


To have it arrive at your door with a fancy box and lots of pretty packaging with a

pre-measured spice package for each meal is easy but do you really know how fresh, where it comes from, or how the ingredients are grown?

"There is such joy in the first tiny strawberry!"















The modern experience of being disconnected to the most important activity of our human lives - to eat, to cook, to nourish has been relegated to the least important, to the thing we wish to spend the least amount of our money and time upon and it removes us from the vital connection to all  life.


Rather than a chore, make a visit down a dirt road to savor the changes to your farm, the seasons that bring the bounty to your tables, the opportunity to walk the land that has been stewarded and cared for to being forth the array of heirloom vegetables, herbs, and other farm offerings.


As farmers, we have always believed choosing the food for your table should be as important as choosing where you work out, what place you take your child for care and education, even the time you take for getting the oil changed on your car.


We renew our farming model in a few ways to both encourage you to explore where food comes from and see the farm as a destination.

Girlfarm 2023

If you visit your farm there is nothing more divine than picking a fresh green bean or popping a raw asparagus into your mouth sweet and deeply alive in that instant.



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