We follow the Certified Naturally Grown Standards.

This certification program - trusts that you the consumer and farmers are the best source for measuring and implementing sustainable small farm policy.

Farmers must step off their tractors and step up to the reality that farming requires change. Transparency, honesty, and the highest production standards MUST be implemented.

-It is a commitment to the future, to the soil, water, and air to remove toxic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides from production of food.

-It is a choice to ensure the seed stock is not contaminated with GMO that these same agencies do not find necessary to label.

-Keep it simple. Certified Naturally Grown.

-You, the consumer weigh in each year in the evaluation of what you see on the farm.

-Additionally, other farmers visit and report - online, full transparency of what they view the growing conditions are -

Certified Naturally Grown is not a marketing tool to gain higher prices (we believe this is unethical) healthy food should not cost more than garbage food filled with corn starch, corn sugar, and fillers) CNG, is a paradigm shift in HOW the entire system of farming is to be approached. From farmer to family

Rotational grazing (click for more information)

Cover cropping for soil fertility

Drip irrigation and French intensive planting for maximum use of soil and water

Raised beds
Flaming to control weeds

Sheep foraging for weed control

Daily free-ranging of poultry for pest management in healthy omega-3 forage
Grass fed cows (no unrolled or un cooked graining)
Grass fed lamb
Pastured raised pork(daily trips to the alfalfa field to eat) no crates or farrowing boxes

Heritage and heirloom breeds for hardiest and disease resistance

Open pollinated and certified seed stock to prevent GMO contamination

Cold frames
Installing a new high tunnel for wind protection, water conservation, and pest management

Integrated pest management
planting when pest load is less likely to damage crops, release of natural insect predators, using roadway and green strips planted to encourage beneficial insect populations

Organic sprays used judiciously so as not to injure natural balance.

Soil building through integrating animal by - products composted for 30 days into the soil. Red worm composting and integrating into the intensive beds, greenhouse, and cold frames.